My Bio

The short story:

A graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, Carla Brooks brings over a decade of experience to the photography, website creation and graphic design fields. Carla’s natural artistic ability and keen business sense have enabled her to achieve success unparalleled for many in the industry.  Her impressive resume includes publication of her work in national and international markets.  And never one to be limited, she demonstrates strengths in both print and digital formats.

In addition to her success in mainstream media, she has also been featured in several galleries and was recently commissioned to film a documentary in Fiji with a 2017 release date.

Carla’s extensive photography experience and artistic eye enable her to demonstrate creativity in both controlled studio environments and live on-location shoots.

Ms. Brooks currently lives in Spring Hill, Kansas.  When she’s not behind the camera, you can find her enjoying time with a good book; a strong cup of coffee; engaged in a thought provoking conversation or relaxing with her family and two dogs!