Being a designer means that sometimes your heart gets the better of you.

I grew up in a small town, everyone knew everybody and everyone knew everything about everyone and all of their business (if you are from a small town, you understand!) Over the years, I have moved a million times, I keep in touch with people mostly via facebook and social media… but I do keep up and keep an eye on some people from my past.


Fred was younger than I was, a year under my class. Fred and Chris, his business partner were always so kind to me over those years. They always spoke to me in the hallway and I never forgot either of them.

I think that we sometimes have those people in our lives that never really knew that they made an impact on us.

Like myself, Fred has a passion for working for himself and over the years hes changed jobs, changed directions and tried to find what he was looking for. I have watched, sometimes commented and always been supportive.

But recently, hes truly ventured out on his own and he’s doing his very best to make his business work. I sat here wondering how I could offer support to him. I didn’t have scrap metal he could pick up.. but I do have some skills.

I reached out to his wife Amy! I asked her if it would be OK to design Fred a simple site and help to get his business more exposure and help him to market himself a little more.

I volunteered my time, I donated the funds for the domain and the hosting so that they would have no incurred expenses, its the only true way to gift a website to someone!

we purchased his domain name from my go to for all of my hosting and domain needs. They always offer great support to their customers, so I bring all of my business to them!

She kindly accepted my offer, we created a one page site for Fred using the DIVI theme. You can find the Divi theme at Divi is a wordpress builder that is very intuitive and offers an easy and fast way to build a site. We finished the site and a fun creative logo that Fred could use to market his business.

We worked together to create a fun look to his site that matched his personality! Here is the logo that we designed for Fred.

We tried our very best to make it match his personality and be creative enough to stand out and grab attention! (GO BLUE!)

check out the site at

Fred and his business partner Chris service the Flint and surrounding areas picking up scrap metals. They are on call and will schedule a time that works for you. They are getting great reviews from their customers and they professional and return calls promptly.

In fact, I gave Chris a call today just to ask some questions, he didn’t know who he was talking to, that I was a girl that he went to high school with. I got a giggle out of it! I will be happy to speak to him again, when he gets to see the site and learns about what we have been up to, Amy and I!

Chris returned my calls promptly, answered all of my questions and he was very polite and courteous!

They are active on Facebook and have a group where people can follow along and get more information.

The professional Scrap Haulers

Fred has no idea that he has a website or a logo, but his wife is working on the big reveal.

I think that its important in life to have people in your corner. I have Luke, he’s my rock star. He would support me even if I wanted to have a lemonade stand on the corner. He doesn’t care what I am doing as long as it makes me happy!

That’s really the thing that keeps me going in my profession. I have had so many wins and losses in my career. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t have a strong support system!

My hope going forward is that I can keep doing kind deeds for others. People deserve to feel like they have people in their corner.

And I am truly a firm believer that no good deed goes unnoticed. It’s so important to pay it forward.

So now a shameless plug!

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– Carla J