i feel like armin would fall asleep to his s/o voice. 272 notes. a/n - here’s Jean as a boyfriend anyways reblog’s are very swag. Armin loves it when his s/o plays with his hair. Pluto do you see how Porcos starting to be in more of what I write 😕.. this is ur fault attack on titan shingeki no kyojin jean x reader eren x reader porco x reader armin x reader connie x reader eren fluff jean fluff porco galliard x reader porco fluff armin fluff connie fluff eren headcanons aot hcs snk headcanons porco headcanons jean hcs Its hair long and flowing like water, as if floating throughout the emptyness. beach dates and library dates. One kiss is all it takes . short and sweet kisses. He noticed it because Armin stopped mid-rant about something he loves when you walked by, Armin never stops talking about his passions. Mikasa caught on it a bit late because she doesn’t really pay attention to other people beside Eren and Armin. She only noticed it when Armin was throwing away his fifth confession letter for the week. Bakugou Bf Headcanons. too tired now i hope you like it armin arlet x reader armin headcanons armin x reader armin x y/n armin arlert Armin🕯 aot snk armin aot fluff bit nsfw Hange screamed with excitement as the tour … eren: hugs you from behind. armin. warnings: none, just general headcanons for armin. The hospital room where soldiers were being treated due to the battle between Marley and Mid-east. See more ideas about fluff, homestuck, headcanon. Z eal - Are they willing to go to great lengths for the relationship? Which could have been worse. Levi thinking about his wife/S/O and son during fights. You needed to breathe fresh air, feel the wind on your face, feel free. Levi and his son during the Uprising Arc. Your muscles screamed as your body fell onto the roof, your breath leaving you in gasps. * takes you to farmers markets and flower shops and you guys just have a bunch of plants you … 69 notes. characters: armin, grisha, zeke. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #toxicheadcanons, #toxicheadcanon, #arminheadcanon, … does not like children. posted: 22/01/22 content: fluff warning: kinda manga spoilers but not really bc what I imply didn’t happen in the manga, not proof read bc I didn’t mean to post this yet pairing: armin arlert x fem reader summary: a day out with hange leads you to a very familiar painting and a friendly tour guide. If so, whaat kind of? if you’re wearing his a hoodie he’ll put his hands inside the pockets and rest his palms against your tummy. Smut Headcanons A … Levi reacting to S/O’s pregnancy. they scare him and kinda gross him out. Its body was slender and smooth, its curves accentuated in the sphere’s light. he loves to sit on your lap and snuggle into your arms; i just know he loves being swaddled. X OXO - Are they very affectionate? - overall: armin is an emotional lover for sure. whether you’re the same or the opposite, he loves you more than his mind could ever process (so that’s a LOT) -Aot fluff headcanons-I think Armin has a colection of shells from the ocean and each has a cute name. It was the shape of a woman, not from any species we know. ft. eren, armin, jean, reiner, porco, levi & erwin. was a brony back in middle school. Jun 27, 2016 - Explore Homestucks R Us's board "Fluff Headcanons", followed by 559 people on Pinterest. One time he even bumped into Levi, he still swears it hurt more than any brick wall he walked into. Eren knows about his crush since day one. He noticed it because Armin stopped mid-rant about something he loves when you walked by, Armin never stops talking about his passions. ♡ — Armin Arlert as a Boyfriend . warnings: none, just fluff. Armin Bf Headcanons. Armin headcanon. Cleaning Business Licence Number : NEA210505/4363K/R07. Armin prefers bookstore dates and coffee shop dates, but he also likes hiking and just hanging out together. i just love Armin man :(i know it's way too long but i couldn't help myself I've been in love with his since the show first started my god spent all day on this will edit/beta read later. chayauwu. Levi with a S/O who controls dragons (I don’t usually do that kind of request, it was an exception (´âˆ€`)) Levi and his newborn son. give him all the attention he deserves, please, he will pout until you do. tw: none. Do they love t kiss and cuddle? Y earning - How will they cope when they’re missing their partner? armin arlet x reader armin headcanons armin x y/n armin x reader armin arlert armin reader Armin🕯 Aot Snk snk x reader aot x reader … armin x reader headcanonscrunchy cabbage salad with almonds | febrero 1, 2022 febrero 1, 2022 armin is the softest out of anyone when it comes to cuddling. Warnings - None :) Genre - Fluff, Headcanons. ... armin headcanons armin drabble armin fluff armin smut armin arlet headcanons armin arlert smut armin arlert fluff attack on titan headcanons attack on titan drabble attack on titan smut aot headcanons aot smut aot drabble. * he reads to you while you guys are cuddled up with a blanket and the sounds of fire burning in the back. genre: fluff. Discover short videos related to armin toxic headcanons on TikTok. * since he reads so much he annotates books and adds little notes to things that remind him of you and gives you the books to go through after. armin definitely has read at least three of colleen hoover’s books. Jean knows that Mikasa doesn't feel the same for him but he still does little things for her and she really appreciates it and she does things in return headcanon: kinds of hugs. Jumping to your feet, you rushed to the window, clambering on the ledge and pulling yourself up. used to say it was bc it … She only noticed it when Armin was throwing away his fifth confession letter for the week. She thought the previous letters were just English homework or something. Talking about letters, Armin writes you one everyday. Describing how you made him feel that day and how much seeing you smile in his direction made his heart explode into a supernova. Luckily all she suffered was a broken leg. Oddly Specific Modern Armin Headcanons - I used to be pretty strongly anti-Armin, but he’s becoming one of my favorite characters, so enjoy. this is for @peanutbutterstuffedbagels They didnt request this but i thought it would be a nice think to do. Levi with a S/O who comes from our world. It was hard for Armin to ask you out in the first place, he kept chickening out and putting it off. randomly comes up to you to wrap his arms around your waist and rest his chin on top of your head or your shoulder. General Armin Headcanons. lahore qalandars vs peshawar zalmi Evershine Services Pte Ltd Levi with a virgin S/O. A bright ball that illuminated its figure, showcasing it to the world. ... aot aot headcanon snk headcanons snk snk armin aot armin armin arlet armin headcanons aot modern au aot modern modern armin fluff armin aot oddly specific headcanons. navigation. Reacting to a Top Researcher joining the SC-Eren, Armin, Mike, Reiner, Bertholdt, Levi, Erwin Reaction to a Missing S/O coming Home - Mike, Jean, Armin, Moblit NSFW Headcanons - … Fluff Headcanon. kacchan <3 * he loves to argue, but he tends to take it too far and feels bad after and does what he can to make it up to you * he’s overly protective of you and makes it known to everyone that you guys are together * brags about you to others about how he is the one that gets to date you * when you cry he gets really stressed out and does … Reader - Unspecified, Gender Neutral . Originally posted by hanae-ichihara. Watch popular content from the following creators: ఌMerlin’s loveఌ(@levispunchbag), armin(@lauvarmin), 2 owners(@headcannonss_), armins wife(@4rminz_), Levi>>>>>(@alex.ackermanj) . snk armin armin x reader … Anonymous said: Can we get Armin for 1 and 8 for smut please 🥺🧡 Answer: yes u can!!!! Instantly the air bit at your skin. admin@eshine.com.sg +65 6287 6622 . 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